Do Graphic tablets replace a mouse?

In case, you are working with web graphics or computer graphics then you might be aware of the drawing tablet. It is the computer input device which enables user to hand draw images, graphics and animation with the special pen like stylus. This kind of the tablet is used to capture handwritten signatures or data. In a simple term, it is the flat surface and it is available in varying shapes and sizes that enable you to control computer with the pen tool instead of the mouse. Most of the graphic tablet is offering multi touch functionality. The main purpose of the drawing tablet is to allow digital artists to emulate brush strokes or real pen directly into computer.

Drawing with a tablet

Excellent benefits of using drawing tablet

Graphic tablet is the portable and flat pad which allows user to write, draw and perform software functions with pen tool. This kind of the tablet is mostly used by illustrators and graphic designers. You may produce more accurate drawing on the screen when compared to mouse and other kinds of pointing device. Basically drawing with a tablet is providing huge numbers of the benefits like

  • It has multi touch function so you can navigate your computer without holding pointing device
  • Risk reduction of attracting repetitive carpal tunnel syndrome or strain injury
  • Pain relief from the existing arm problems
  • Work faster in specific kinds of the program like graphics software
  • It can recognize various degree of the pressure
  • Lightweight and durable

Graphic tablet

The graphic tablet is natural to draw diagram with pencil type implement. It consists of the specialized electronic pen and flat pad. It is especially designed to make digital artwork more precise and easier. It could be widely used by the professional digital artists to accurately place lines. It can quickly attach to the computer through USB cable. If you are a starter to buy drawing tablet then you must follow some important tips such as size of the active area, hand rest, pen, surface texture, distance from surface, sensitivity, resolution and system requirements. When it comes to the graphics tablet disadvantage then it includes it could be large investment to small studios or artists. However it is the not suitable to general selection work like clicking on menu items and pointing. Drawing tablet comes with the stylus that is closely related to the pen in shape.

Interesting information about drawing tablet

Graphic tablet is used in place of mouse and using graphic tablet is easy and comfortable as using pencil, pen or airbrush. Illustrators and animators can use this graphic tablet because it comes with amazing numbers of features. It is mostly used in plenty of applications like industrial design, architects, education and training, medical and healthcare. Drawing tablet comes in different kinds of the shapes, sizes, features and brands so you need to pick the best one according to your desire. Lots of drawing tablet reviews is available in online which are useful to choose best graphic tablet that comes under your budget.

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